Visualising results

Upon completion of the Posture Scan, the raw data is processed and is available in different formats for practical communication with the test person and useful data analysis for the Provider. The Animated Feedback and Summary report are ready for immediate inspection after Posture Scan. All formats are available on-demand within Movement Lab. The Note Web App only accesses the Summary Report.


3D video player

The 3D video allows Providers with an ‘Analyst’ subscription to visualise and analyse the movements of the person during different exercises. The video can be played at various speeds, and the person can be viewed from many different angles.


Animated Feedback slideshow

A slideshow of movement and accompanying basic measurements allows the test person to get immediate feedback after a performance. This is important for education and motivation.


Summary Report

An easy to understand PDF report shows key findings and offers some generic description of the significance of the exercise and what might be considered normal according to scientific literature. The report can be shared with the test person or a third party (with permission).


Biomechanics report

This is a detailed eight-page report for health professionals. The report consists of tabulated data including detailed measures, graphs and key personal data.


Data Export

Data for measurements, as well as XYZ coordinates, can be exported in a friendly format (tab-separated text file) for external analysis. This data is used by research bodies to plot and analyse the data independently.

A quick overview of the virtual laboratory that allows health and fitness professionals to analyse, report and give individualised feedback to clients - remotely or face-to-face.