Biomechanics Report

The Biomechanics Report is a detailed document that shows tabulated measures derived from the skeletal tracking data. It contains illustrations, graphs and measures for quantitative analysis about performance.

Please note that Qinematic does not currently score performances. This is at the discretion of the Provider who is advising with the measures at hand.

An example of the eight-page report can be found in the following slideshow.


In Movement Lab

The Biomechanics Report is only available in Movement Lab, and only Analysts are able to generate this report. It can be viewed onscreen in Movement Lab, emailed, saved to a computer or printed.


Page 1 - Summary of personal details and scan details

Page 2 - Postural alignment - frontal view

Page 3 - Postural alignment - side view

Page 4 - Double-leg stance - sway pattern, sway graph, weight distribution

Page 5 - Single-leg stance - sway pattern, sway graph, weight distribution

Page 6 - Side bend - weight distribution, displacements, inter-segmental movement graph

Page 7 - Double-leg squat - displacement, angles

Page 8 - Single-leg squat - displacement, angles