Using Qinematic software

Intended use of Qinematic software

Qinematic is intended for use by health and wellness providers who wish to record and visualise basic human movement using a standardised exercise regime and 3D analytics. It is designed to be a semi-automated service whereby end users can initiate the scan themselves, and get automated feedback about their performance. It does not independently score or rate the performance, nor does it diagnose any problems; however, a health provider may use the information to assist them in decision making and communication with a health seeker.

An Organisation is licensed to use Qinematic services. The Administrator of the Organisation decides on what services the Organisation wishes to offer, and the rights that a Provider has to use the service. Providers can subscribe to 3 levels: Scanner, Advisor or Analyst. Each Organisation has its own dedicated secure cloud library where scans and access are managed using secure authentication.


What is Qinematic?


The Qinematic Service includes a suite of software; Posture Scan, Movement Lab, Note. The software allows a Health Provider to quickly, safely and securely perform scans, upload and store the data in a cloud library, create and distribute e-documentation, and download scans to a virtual laboratory.


There is always some risk of injury associated with exercise. Users and providers perform a scan at their own risk. They should not perform or request a scan if it is not considered safe. They perform a scan at their own risk and Qinematic shall in no way be held accountable for any injury.

The end user must give informed consent before entering any person details or recording the tasks performed during the scan. There is always a risk associated with the transfer and storage of data. The end user must agree to accept this risk before performing a scan, and when choosing to share the data at the end of a scan. The organisation providing the scan, and its associates are responsible for complying with the data protection act (DPA) in their region. Individual providers must log in and log out of the Qinematic service to ensure that they are registered as a provider at any time. They are fully responsible for maintaining optimal security for the environment, hardware, third-party software and IT systems.

Qinematic has a legal and binding agreement with the Organisation that provides the Qinematic service, and its role is as a processor of data. The Organisation and associates are the controller of the scan data, along with the end users whom they serve. The Organisation accepts that Qinematic uses Microsoft Azure as a subprocessor of data and for secure cloud storage.  By subscribing to the Qinematic service (including software), an Organisation and its associates instruct Qinematic to perform tasks on their behalf. Therefore, the Organisation is answerable to its customer - the end user, and Qinematic is answerable to its customer - the Organisation.

Qinematic makes every reasonable effort to provide a quality service. The Organisation and its associates accept that any services, software or associated products are sold ‘as is’, and Qinematic cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages to the Organisation, subscribers, end users or affiliates of those above.

Qinematic software is dependant on third-party hardware, software and items in the environment. The Organisation and its associates accept that Qinematic cannot be held accountable for any loss or damages due to malfunction or changes to the hardware, software or services provided by these third parties.