Qinematic provides the Health Provider with a complete assessment service using a suite of software (Posture Scan, Movement Lab), web platform (Note Web App) and secure cloud storage. The Health Provider, in turn, uses it to provide advice to their health clients, the Health Seeker.

Each Health Provider belongs to a legal entity (company or person providing a service, hereafter called an ‘Organisation’) that has access to its dedicated scan library that is managed by the Qinematic cloud service, with a secure server in The Netherlands (and other regions upon request). The gold standard Microsoft Azure platform is used to store sensitive health data and to authenticate users internationally. Microsoft Azure is a sub-processor to Qinematic. Microsoft Azure is a sub-processor to Qinematic. Refer to our Data Processing Addendum for details.

All raw data and derived measurement data from the camera/sensor and calculated by Qinematic software is encrypted and stored securely in a cloud server. When accessing an individual’s report using Movement Lab and Note Web App, the data is encrypted when moving between locations, and decrypted at the device, so the report is visible. It is possible to save data locally on the PC; however, for security reasons, we recommend that only the Qinematic cloud library is used for storing and retrieving scan files. Storing data on a personal computer or sharing it with others via storage devices exposes the provider and the test person to the risk of leaking the data, or having it stolen on a device.

The Administrator can restrict access and also delete scan data. If a User from an Organisation terminates their employment, their access can be removed manually or on a particular date. If a Health Seeker requests that their data should be deleted, this can be performed immediately by authorised Users through Movement Lab and Note Web App. If an Organisation terminates their subscription, the data in the cloud will be deleted within a reasonable amount of time, following written instructions exchanged between Qinematic and the Provider. The Organisation or Provider is responsible for ensuring that Summary reports and/or Biomechanics reports have been exported using Movement Lab, and stored in a safe place. Once a test person or a Provider has shared a report, Qinematic no longer has control nor responsibility for the report. Qinematic does not share data on Seekers unless specifically instructed by the Seeker or the Provider who is using the software. Qinematic may provide aggregated reports using anonymised data.