Navigating in the Note Web App

Note is accessed by opening your browser and typing in ‘’. You can do this on any device with a browser. Enter your personal login details. The features that are available to you will depend on the access rights that have been given to you by the Administrator of your Organisation.

Login to ‘’ to see the features available.

1. Homepage

The Note icon always takes you back to this homepage.

2. User

The User icon provides information about the person who is currently logged in to Note. If you have rights, you can do the following. If not, contact your Adminstrator.

The Key icon resets the password. 

2A. Change password


2B. Logout

The On/Off icon should be used frequently to log out of Note when a session is over.


3. Admin functions

The List icon (3) allows only people with access rights to see Scan Statistics, Manage Users and change Setting.


Scan statistics  

‘Scan statistics’ is normally only made available to the Administrator. It shows all of the Qinematic service activities for the organisation, and who was logged in to use those services.


Manage users

‘Manage users’ is a function reserved for the Administrator who controls all access rights, authentication and usage activities on behalf of the Organisation.



Settings can be adjusted remotely in Note, and locally on the computer where Movement Lab and Posture Scan are installed.

4. Scan register

The pink List icon above the Search field for end users allows anyone with permission to see a list of all scans performed by an organisation during a specified time period.

For privacy, PIDs are incomplete in the list, however the scan and PID can be accessed by clicking on the link for any scan.

The following table describes the headings in the scan registry:

Headings Explanation
Captured on Date and time when the scan was captured.
Test Person The email/ identification of the person who did the scan.
Owner The ‘Organisational Unit’ that is responsible for the scan data.
Include Comments? Include any written feedback provided in Note or Movement Lab.
Installation Computer from which the scan was conducted and uploaded using downloaded Qinematic software.
Application Version The software version used to perform the scan.
Captured By The login ID for the Provider who conducted and uploaded the scan data.

5. Scan search

Entering the correct PID for a person that has been scanned by an Organisation will find the person and a list of all of their scans saved to the Organisations scan library, or any other library to which the Provider has access. Open a scan to see the Summary Report.

The language can be changed at the bottom right of the page.

6. Change language

Posture Scan or Movement Lab software can be downloaded to a Windows computer by opening the Note Web App on the same computer, and clicking on these links. Follow the instructions on-screen. Virus software may need to be turned off temporarily.

7. Download Software