Navigating the Summary Report in Note

Note is used for administration as well as reading, drawing and commenting on a Summary Report. This reporting feature is available to Advisors and Analysts and can be performed on any device with a browser. For legibility, we recommend using a laptop or a tablet.

Summary Report in the Note Web App

Open the Note homepage and Search for a specific report by entering the personal identification (PID) of the person of interest. All scans performed by that person that are located in your scan library will be listed. Choose the date for the scan of interest. Opening the scan will show the Summary Report.

With a touch screen, it is possible to draw on the report.

The following functions are available:

Icon Explanation
1 Download scan files: 3D video file (.qpdat) to open in Movement Lab, Summary Report - 1 page overview, or full 6 page document, +/- annotations.
2 Print the measures from the Summary report. Choose a PDF, PNG image of the measures, or PNG image with drawings.
3 Send the report to an email, +/- comments. The PID email is used as default. Change as required. Add comments as required.
4 Modify/Delete the scan and/or the User



Change Report or User

Data Protection Regulations require that personal data can be erased and/or modified.


Clear drawing

Erase drawings before saving or sharing.


Rename PID

Useful when people enter the wrong PID, or wish to change it. Sometimes they perform several scans but use a different PID, and wish to change it to one PID.


Move scan

With permission and access to another library, a scan can be moved to another library. Carefully consider your data protection regulations.