Download Movement Lab

Before installing Movement Lab:

  1. Movement Lab only works on a PC with Window 10 or Windows 8.

  2. Update Windows operating system.

  3. Update virus protection. If it blocks the Qinematic software installation, it may need to be disabled temporarily.

  4. For security, use a PC with user name and login password protection


1. Login to Note

Login to Note and click on the download ‘Movement Lab' link at the bottom of the Main page. As a general example the following steps are executed in Microsoft Edge but you can use any other web browser.


2. Install Movement Lab

A window will appear. Click ‘Save’ to begin downloading and save to default location (recommended) on the computer.

Once the download is complete, click ‘Run’.

Read the End User License Agreement carefully, and tick the box to accept the License Agreement. Then click ‘Install’ to install the software on the computer.

Click 'Finish' to complete the installation process. By default the program will be launched once the installation is finished. Unticking the box at the bottom will skip this step.

Screenshot (23).png

3. Login into Movement Lab

Once directed to the Authorised Login page, login using an email as Username in the top field, and Password in the bottom field. Only an Analyst has access to the Movement Lab. If the login does not work follow the steps for password reset.

Screenshot (171).png

4. Choose an Organisation

Load a 3D-scan from a library by clicking on the yellow 'open' folder icon at the top left of the screen, and enter a person's User ID (normally their email address).