Last update: 10 October 2018

This document relates to terms of sale for Qinematic AB and related partners (additional services, physical products, etc).


Prices are stated excluding VAT unless stated otherwise. Qinematic AB reserves the right to adjust prices at any time due to changes in eg. taxes, duties, currency fluctuations or changes in supplier prices. Base license and subscription prices are valid for the duration of the agreed period. Administrative costs associated with invoicing, shipment and/or packaging will be added to any list prices.


Shipping and delivery

Physical goods are delivered to a specified street address or handling agent, according to the local postal service. Shipping is paid by the buyer or by appointment. Payment is made in advance. Delivery times can vary.



  • Payment for software (license, digital delivery) is done in advance by invoice or bank payment to Qinematic AB, or via authorised third party sales channels.

  • Payment for other related services and products as follows:

    • Subscription – by invoice or bank payment on a monthly basis, or as otherwise agreed

    • Consultation – in advance by invoice or bank payment

    • Education – by invoice or bank payment, and payable at least 2 weeks prior to the start date of the service

    • Physical good – either invoice/bank payment or cards (Visa, Mastercard) at the time of order being made

Invoice – Payment must be made within 30 days from date of invoice, unless stated in writing by special arrangement. For late payment, interest or 1,25% per month will be added from the date of the invoice.  A reminder fee of 80 SEK plus tax will be added.


Return and Exchange Policy

  • Subscription fees are non-refundable

  • Purchased software licenses are non-refundable

  • Support and consultations are non-refundable

  • Education that has been delivered is non-refundable. No show or cancelled by an individual or the host that is later than 48 hours prior to event will not be entitled to a refund.

  • Unused stock products in original packaging, and returned within 14 days from delivery date, may be exchanged or refunded. Ordered goods are non-refundable.

  • Qinematic is in no way responsible for hardware, other software, advice or services purchased from third party vendors

To return or exchange goods purchased directly from Qinematic, contact Qinematic AB by email at or in writing to Qinematic AB, Högsätravägen 17, 181 58 Lidingö, Sweden. Goods purchased from third parties must be returned to the sales agent, unless otherwise agreed.

Large goods may only be returned by prior arrangement. A delivery note or invoice must be attached to the shipment. Repayment shall be made after inspection, and within 30 days of Qinematic AB receiving the product in its original packaging. For bespoke items or products not included in Qinematic AB’s standard range, we offer no return or exchange.



Complaints must be detailed in writing and emailed to within 14 days from delivery date. Goods can only be returned by prior arrangement. If an item is incorrect due to an error made by Qinematic, the error will be corrected. Qinematic will not be accountable for any direct or indirect losses incurred.


Transport Damage

Upon delivery, the buyer must examine that a product has not been damaged in transit before signing-off with the delivery company. Defects or damage to the goods that may have occurred during transport must be reported to the delivery company and to Qinematic AB via email ( within 3 working days of receiving the goods.



Assembly and disassembly of the equipment and the handling of packaging is the responsibility of the buyer unless otherwise agreed. Installation, upgrades and updates of software are the responsibility of the buyer.



Qinematic AB does not offer any warranty for physical goods. Any warranty is provided by the manufacturer only. All guarantees and warranties apply only if the product is used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. The warranty period starts from the invoice date and the invoice must be presented for warranty claim. Qinematic AB is not responsible or accountable for any losses incurred.


Service and support

Qinematic AB provides limited email support for Qinematic software enquiries only. For third party software and hardware support, consult the local sales agent or software provider.


Sales to Minors

We do not sell to minors (under 18 of age) without parental consent.


Cover of loss

Qinematic AB will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential, indirect or similar damages due to loss of data for any reason, regardless of the advice given about the use of a service or goods.



Any dispute concerning the interpretation or application of these terms of sale shall be handled in English by the courts of Sweden and according to Swedish law.