Qinematic has developed software for 3D markerless motion capture and human movement analysis since 2012.


Human movement has been studied by dancers, artists and scientists for centuries. The best way to record, playback and measure human movement is with a 3D camera and computer software. The attention to detail, ease of playback, and measurement in milliseconds is far superior to what can be achieved by a person using visual observation and old fashioned analogue reporting. More importantly, instant 3D video is an amazing communication tool for educating people about their movement, and for objective identification of strengths and weaknesses.

Qinematic not only makes great looking software that is engaging and  easy to use, we are pioneers in the area of movement dysfunction. Body language is indeed 80% of communication, and we hear when the body is whispering 'I am not working so well'.  With our efforts in artificial intelligence, decision support for health providers will soon help identify existing or potential problems in the body, before you notice it yourself. Prevention is way better than cure! Less pain, less inconvenience and considerable savings in money and time.



A full movement analysis package



Qinematic stands for q-uick k-inematics (the science of movement). We look up to our expensive big brother mocap labs, however scans for everyday use need to be quick, and plentiful for making big data discoveries. To achieve this, we combine applied human movement science with service design and sophisticated software engineering. We do a lot of inhouse research, and we love to collaborate with researchers. After all, objective measurement is why we exist.


Artificial intelligence for better health

Human function and behaviour is impressively complicated, and with all due respect, human health professionals are limited in their ability to collect and process information for consistently making accurate and unbiased decisions on behalf of their clients. We want to help them both, by using AI for decision support. Less paperwork, and less  indecision, not to mention amazing insights that can improve the health, fitness and wellness industries.

Ai-Move project