Download Posture Scan

Before installing Posture Scan:

  1. Ensure the computer is compatible with Kinect. The Kinect sensor only works on PC with Window 10 or Windows 8.

  2. For security, use a PC with user name and login password protection

  3. Update Windows operating system.

  4. Update virus protection. If it blocks the Qinematic software installation, it may need to be disabled temporarily.

  5. Run the Kinect Configuration Verifier tool to check if the PC and its software are suitable for using the Kinect sensor.

  6. Ensure the Kinect Sensor is connected to the USB 3 port (Blue) on the computer. The Kinect sensor does not work using older USB ports.

  7. You will be asked to download and install the free Kinect SDK software, and the Microsoft Language packages. To avoid confusion about login details (Qinematic login is not the same as creating a Microsoft login), clicking ‘Do not register your Microsoft account’ is recommended when downloading the Kinect SDK.


1. Login to Note

Login into Note and click on the download ' Posture Scan' link at the bottom of the Main page.


2. Install Posture Scan

A window will appear. Click ‘Save’ to begin downloading and to save to a default location (recommended) on the computer.

Once the download is complete, click ‘Run’.

Read the End User License Agreement carefully, and tick the box to accept the License Agreement. Then click ‘Install’ to install the software on the computer.

Click 'Finish' to complete the installation process. By default the program will be launched once the installation is finished. Unticking the box at the bottom will skip this step.

Screenshot (20).png

3. Login into Posture Scan

Once directed to the Authorised Login page, login using an email as Username in the top field, and Password in the bottom field. If the login does not work follow the steps for password reset.

Screenshot (57).png

4. Choose the Organisation that is scanning

Scanners and Analysts with authorised access to more than one scan library must choose a library for storage of scans. Do not send scans to the wrong library.

Screenshot (147).png

5. Calibration

Before scanning starts, the scan area and the sensor should be checked for quality on the Calibration screen.  All check boxes should be marked white in order to proceed.


Press ESC on the keyboard to see a drop-down menu at the top of the screen. The menu bar shows notifications about software updates, and allows for Settings to be changed locally.