Administrator account

The Administrator has a lot of responsibility for the Organisation and the sensitive data that is controlled by the Organisation. It is up to the Organisation to inform their Administrator about their obligations towards data protection, security and privacy in their legal jurisdiction.

Create a Note Web App account, by going onto the Note webpage.

Initial login

When an organisation signs a License Agreement for the use of software and services provided by Qinematic, they should also delegate an Administrator. This person will be sent a personal email from Qinematic so they can register as an Authenticated user of Note, and with full access rights.

This person will receive a link,  username (normally the personal email address provided by the Organisation) and a temporary password. Click on the link to go to Note and fill in the user name and password. Skip to step 4.

If you did not receive the email then click on ‘Can’t access your account?’ when you go to Note.


2. Verification of email 

Use the email address that you have registered with Qinematic as your User name. Follow the instructions on the screen.

An email containing the verification code will be sent to the email address that is registered with Qinematic. Enter the 6-digit verification code from the email.


3. Reset password

Create a unique password for your Note account.

Your new password should contain at least 8 characters with both lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols. It cannot be the same as your username/email.


4. Sign-in

Sign-in using the email you have registered with Qinematic as your User name, as well as your new password.

When not logged in, log out!

The Administrator has the authority to give other Users access to relevant features. Unless requested otherwise, from now on the Organisation is on its own as far as permission to access the scan library is concerned. This means that the system is secure, as long a the Administrator, who is not in control, keeps it this way.

Remember that login to any software is personal, and login details should never be shared. When a Provider’s login is used to operate the software, all activities are logged to the Provider who is logged in, making that Provider accountable for all activities that are logged. To ensure safety and correct accountability, the Administrator must always LOGOUT before closing any software part.

For optimal security, Qinematic recommends using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA can be turned on/off in the Note Web App under Settings by the Administrator.