Set out Windows Updates

Important: We recommend following the advice of the manufacturers to keep the Operating System on your computer up-to-date at all times. Below is a solution to prevent unexpected updates that could otherwise interfere with your scan routines, and should only be applied temporarily (e.g., for a day or so, depending on your scanning schedule).

Windows frequently updates its operating system, which can catch you by surprise., and can drain resources from the processor in the computer. During scans, Qinematic Posture Scan uses a lot of brain power and is demanding on the graphics card, so it also need as much power. Therefore, background updates can slow down the system significantly and affect the software performance during a scan. Certain updates can also have a direct effect on the driver of the Kinect sensor, which could lead to not recognised hardware, or the video affecting the speed of the video player during a scan.

We recommend the following steps:

Win Update Stop enables the user to stop Windows Updates manually.

Win Update Stop enables the user to stop Windows Updates manually.

  1. Take your time to completely update Windows. We recommend one or two days ahead of a scan day.

  2. Test Qinematic Posture Scan and the functionality of the sensor.

    If the sensor is recognised you can close Qinematic Posture Scan. If the sensor is not recognised, there is a good chance that an update is influencing the sensor itself. If it is necessary to remove an update that just won’t let you run the Posture Scan software, then you may need to remove it again. Microsoft often comes out with another update later on that seems to restore everything back to normal again. Refer to “Uninstall Windows Updates” at the bottom of the page.

  3. Download and install the software Win Update Stop.

  4. Start Win Update Stop und click on “Disable” (see picture). The Windows Update Service will stop immediately. As soon as “Windows Updates are disabled” is shown you can close the program window.

  5. When you finish a scan session you should undo this setting back to “Enable”. You should see the text “Windows Updates are enabled”.

Uninstall Windows Updates

Very occasionally, the Windows updates affect the Microsoft Kinect sensor, which we can find more frustrating than you do. The following Video shows how to uninstall past Windows Updates, to get you back to where you were, scanning blissfully.

Attention: This video uses a hypothetical example. Do not search for the identical version. Use the date of installation as a guide to choosing which update to remove.