Where to stand during a scan?

Immediately after entering some details onscreen, and possibly performing a few practice exercises, the test person is instructed to move away from the sensor an into the scan area. The scan area is depicted onscreen as a green box on the floor.

Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 11.53.19.png

The software automatically calculates the correct distance between the test person and the sensor. A tall person will stand further away from the sensor than a shorter person. This allows us to standardise the measurement conditions between scans. Once the test person is standing still in the green square, a green skeleton will appear on-screen over their image. The body will be scanned for reflective clothing, and if the clothing is suitable, the instructions for scanning will commence.

To avoid confusion, only the person to be scanned should stand in front of the sensor prior to a scan, and during the scan.