When scanning for two different Organisations, where should scans be sent?

Once logged into Posture Scan, you must choose where you want you scan sent to. If you belong to just one Organisation, then the scans that you perform will only be to the Scan Library for that single Organisation. If you are given rights to login into several Organisations, then you must carefully choose your library BEFORE scans start. Scans can be moved afterwards, if you have access rights to more than one scan library, but the reports will show the wrong contact details, so we do not recommend allowing this to happen. So please ensure you select of the correct library BEFORE scans are performed.

To change to another scan library, simply click on the ‘Change Org Unit for Scans’ icon in the menu bar and toggle between the Organisational Units.

If you have access rights, you can retrieve scan data from all of library/s using Movement Lab and/or Note. In Movement Lab and Note, there is no need to choose an Organisational unit.