Information about the research project
Therapist’ Vision in Human Posture Assessment


Brief information

For participants

Goal of this project is to get insights how health professionals perceive human posture. Due to study design reasons we would like to give participants as less information as possible. 

If you are interested in participating (see below "Who can be a participant") get in contact with Tino Krautwald (About).

For organisers (contact person)

Everyone who is involved in organisational matters should have been provided with digital information and advertise material.
If not: This can be downloaded using the link below.

Download material:
Information slide (click)
Brochure (click)

Please use this doodle list to set prefered dates for your institution. Click here.

Requirements for hosting institutions

Number of participants for locations outside of Stockholm:
min. 7 participants

Minimum room size for the measurement:
Small office with a desk

Book an appointment

Once an institution has agreed to host the project we will make a doodle list available to coordinate the appointments (30 minutes per participant). Please scroll down to see all locations.


Measurement procedure

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Who can be a participant?

Health Students

Health students who started their 3rd year of education. Furthermore, every participant should be able to recognize movement and posture patterns.

Health Professionals

Health professionals who are frequently working with posture and/or movement analysis. 


Human Movement Scientist, Physiotherapist, Naprapat, Chiropractor, Osteopath


Where will be a measurement?

The project is planned to take place in different cities all over Sweden. The map below shows an overview over the locations. Below you can find detailed information about the locations. 

  • Green marked locations have agreed to host the project. The exact dates and a link to book a time will be released below (scroll further down for it).

  • Yellow marked locations are institutions contacted and asked for taking part.

Book a time for a location close to you

Once a date is available the place will be displayed under it. Please please click on the date you prefer. You will get automatically redirected to a doodle calendar. Please use your email address as name. Your information will not be available for the public. 

WEEK 08-2019
Mon, 19-02-18:
Tue, 19-02-19:
Wed, 19-02-20:
Thu, 19-02-21:
Fri, 19-02-22:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 09-2019
Mon, 19-02-25:
Tue, 19-02-26:
Wed, 19-02-27:
Thu, 19-02-28:
Fri, 19-03-01:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 10-2019
Mon, 19-03-04:
Tue, 19-03-05: No measurement possible
Wed, 19-03-06:
Thu, 19-03-07: Göteborg, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset
Fri, 19-03-08:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 11-2019
Mon, 19-03-11:
Tue, 19-03-12:
Wed, 19-03-13:
Thu, 19-03-14:
Fri, 19-03-15:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 12-2019
Mon, 19-03-18:
Tue, 19-03-19:
Wed, 19-03-20:
Thu, 19-03-21:
Fri, 19-03-22:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 13-2019
Mon, 19-03-25:
Tue, 19-03-26:
Wed, 19-03-27:
Thu, 19-03-28:
Fri, 19-03-29:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 14-2019
Mon, 19-04-01: No measurements possible.
Tue, 19-04-02:
Wed, 19-04-03:
Thu, 19-04-04:
Fri, 19-04-05:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 15-2019
Mon, 19-04-08:
Tue, 19-04-09:
Wed, 19-04-10:
Thu, 19-04-11:
Fri, 19-04-12:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 16-2019
Mon, 19-04-15:
Tue, 19-04-16:
Wed, 19-04-17:
Thu, 19-04-18:
Fri, 19-04-19:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 17-2019
Mon, 19-04-22:
Tue, 19-04-23:
Wed, 19-04-24:
Thu, 19-04-25:
Fri, 19-04-26:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 18-2019
Mon, 19-04-29:
Tue, 19-04-30:
Wed, 19-05-01:
Thu, 19-05-02:
Fri, 19-05-03:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 19-2019
Mon, 19-05-06:
Tue, 19-05-07:
Wed, 19-05-08:
Thu, 19-05-09:
Fri, 19-05-10:
Weekend: optional after agreement

WEEK 20-2019
Mon, 19-05-13: No measurements possible.
Tue, 19-05-14: Karlskrona, Campus Gräsvik
Wed, 19-05-15: Karlskrona, Campus Gräsvik
Thu, 19-05-16: Karlskrona, Campus Gräsvik
Fri, 19-05-17: Karlskrona, Campus Gräsvik