A software environment for objective analysis
of movement patterns and function in 3D.

Qinematic Posture Scan records a person’s performance as they mimic some basic movements shown on a screen. 3D video and advanced biomechanics algorithms are used to give immediate animated feedback and to report the measurements.
The scan is automated, fast, fun and motivating.
Posture Scan can be found at gyms, clinics, workplaces and retail outlets providing wellness services.

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Qinematic Movement Lab is used by health providers to download 3D video from a library of scans in our secure cloud storage. The scan can be played back, as though the client were there in person.
This virtual laboratory can be used to give feedback, detailed movement analysis, and to quickly generate electronic reports with objective measures. Movement Lab creates unique opportunities for remote consultations, individualised service and big data insights.

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Qinematic Note is a simple to use browser based application that allows you to view client Summary reports via a mobile device or computer. For example, in the gym, in the consultation room, on the factory floor, or on the pitch.
On demand access to individualised scans puts the Personal back into ‘Personal’ Training and customer service.

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Tracking accuracy

The Posture Scan and Movement Lab software use proprietary algorithms to estimate bones and joints of certain body parts with considerable accuracy. We don't claim to be the gold standard like our resource intensive big brothers Vicon, Optitrak or Qualisys, but we do a very good job without markers, easily and quickly. A lab study performed in Sweden in 2017 compared our tracking to top-shelf Qualisys, showing outstanding results that make measurements from Qinematic software good enough for use in health facilities.