Layout of Qinematic services 


The fixed station is used for performing scans in Posture Scan and/or for analysis and feedback in Movement Lab. Both Posture Scan and Movement Lab are installed on the same computer and location.

Conditions Specification
Setup Dedicated space such as a room, reception or the corner of an open area, which does not need to be changed frequently.
Flow Upon completion of the scan, a Scanner, Advisor or Analyst can give brief feedback using the post scan Feedback screens, without opening Movement Lab or give detailed feedback using Movement Lab 3D videos, biomeachnicas reports and feedback reports.
Benefit Semi-automated scanning allows frequent scanning, and low demand on personnel.
Example of users Gyms, retailers, clinics, workplaces, hotels and corporate events.
Productivity It is not possible to scan and give Feedback at the same time. Each scan takes 6 minutes + 4 minutes for Feedback, requiring 10-15 minutes for each person. Assuming 4-6 scans per hour per station only 30 scans can be conducted per day, meaning less scans per hour.

The semi-fixed station is used for performing scans on Posture Scan and the portable computer is used for analysis in Movement Lab. Posture Scan and Movement Lab software are on two separate computers and in two different locations.

Conditions Specification
Setup The Posture scanning station is in a dedicated fixed place and only scanning occurs here. However the feedback is given in another location on a portable laptop.
Flow A Scanner enables semi-automated scans, without giving any personal advice and the end user may get automated feedback after the scan on another computer.
Benefit Opportunities for remote services and high volume scanning. A client can be scanned in one room, whilst Analysts are analyzing or giving personal advice in other rooms, or at/from another location. The Analyst can provide soft supervision of the semi-automated scans in the scan area.
Example of users Clinics, gyms and occupational health performing scans on a regular basis.
Productivity Scans and Feedback can be performed simultaneously on 2 or more different devices at the same time. Assuming 6 to 10 scans per hour and a 8 hour work period, 50-100 scans per day.

The portable scanstation is used for performing scans and analysis in Movement Lab on the go. Mobile setup is conveniently packed into a backpack or protected trolley bag for easy transport.Posture Scan and Movement Lab software may be the same computer.

Conditions Specification
Setup Laptop and sensor placed on a table and/or tripod. A table top can be fixed to some tripods, and the Kinect sensor can be screwed to a clamp.
Flow Possible to follow the flow of the fixed scanning station or the semi-fixed scanning station. Direct scans can be performed by the Analyst carrying out the scan, followed by the advice for the individual. Semi-automated scans can be performed by a portable local Scanner, and advice can be given remotely by an Advisor or Analyst.
Benefit Hardware is easily carried by the Scanner, Advisor or Analyst, or it can be sent to a location by courier.
Example of users Occupational health/wellness, health consultants, sports teams, events.