The tracking point data are a list of cleaned data points acquired by the Kinect sensor. It only contains an array of numbers based on a reference for each tracking location(head. shoulder, hips, knee, foot, ankle) of the human body for each exercise. These values are used by research organisations to independently plot and analyse the data. 

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Movement Lab

It can be accessed multiple times only on Movement Lab. Since access to Movement Lab is only to analyst within the organisation, to view the 3D video, only these group of users can have access. 



It is a list of numerical values which can be opened in Notepad or excel to visualise the list of data. These values are used to calculate the trajection of angles in Qinematic report and can be used for independent studies.

1. Report Data

Uses the tracking point data to determine the useful data for the reports generated by Qinematic.

2. Tracking point data

The cleaned data points from the Kinect sensor which is organised the various exercise type and tracking locations.