Organising a scan session

  1. Scans take approximately 6 minutes per person, but we recommend allocating 10 - 15 minutes per person, to cater for all types of small mishaps, forgetfulness or ability to follow onscreen instructions. Offering onscreen Feedback using the scan computer will obviously extend that time. We recommend giving Feedback and advice from a seperate computer, so that actual scan traffic is uninterupted.

  2. To avoid delays and disappointment, inform participants of their scan time and ensure they are prepared for the scan well in advance. We recommend several reminders about:

    1. Scan and feedback times

    2. Suitable clothing

    3. Removing shoes

    4. Long hair up in a bun behind the head

    5. Participants give informed consent onscreen prior to the scan

    6. Reports can be voluntarily sent to email after a scan

    7. Data is held by the ‘named Provider’ of the scan service

  3. Make sure the scan area is free from distractions and set up appropriately and well before the testing starts. Ensure the hardware is working, the internet is connected, and that both the Windows and Posture Scan software are updated.

  4. Have accessories such as hair ties and paper clips for loose clothing at hand.