Access Note by keying in the login details to access Qinematic services. 

Note main.png


Icon 1 to access the main page of Note and the page seen above.


Icon 2 to determine the user signed into the service.


Icon 2 followed by icon 2A to change the password of the Qinematic account. 

Change password


Icon 2 followed by icon 2B to log out of the Note.


Adminsterative functions

Icon 3 to select the administrative functions for the Qinematic service.  The available functions are scan statics, management of users and setting. Rights to each function is provided by the organisational unit administrators.


1 Scan statistics  

Icon 3 followed by scan statics under the drop down button to see all the activities by the Qinematic software for the organisation. It would show the Administrator and relevant Providers a breakdown of how many services are being consumed by the Organisations and various Providers during a period of time.


2 Manage users

Icon 3 followed by manage users under the drop down button to create a new user, update user details, change password for the user and remove a user.

Create new user

1. Click of icon 3A to find the list of users within the organisation. 

2. Click on the '+' symbol.

3. Add the relevant information of the Provider details, and decide on what Rights their rights under Note/Posture Scan/Movement Lab.

Display name: Full name.

Belongs to: Their Organisation.   

Multi-factor authentication: requiring 2-factor authentication for login.

Available rights: 

  • Administrator: authority to manage Providers and give Rights.
  • Access to PostureScan: Login and use Posture Scan.
  • Access to MovementLab: Login and use Movement Lab
  • Access to Note: Login and use Note
  • View scan registry, statistics and logs: View the number of scan done by the organisation and retrieve scans within the organisation.

The selection of Rights will be displayed in a list, and the expiry date can be decided. Not entering a date grants rights ongoing or until they are revoked.


Update rights of users

1. A list of Users can be found by clicking on an Organisation name, Icon 3A, or it is possible to search for a specific Users on the search bar. 

2. Change the details of the provider if required and click update.

3. To change the access rights of a Provider, select Revoke rights to remove them at a certain date. Add rights by clicking on the pink ‘+’ icon in the middle of the screen.

Change password of User

1. A list of Users can be found by clicking on an Organisation name, Icon 3A, or it is possible to search for a specific Users on the search bar. 

2. Click on the pink ‘key’ icon to adjust a password.

Remove User

1. A list of Users can be found by clicking on an Organisation name, Icon 3A, or it is possible to search for a specific Users on the search bar.

2. Click on the pink ‘trash’ icon to adjust a password. 


3 Posture Scan and Movement Lab settings

Icon 3 followed by settings under the dropdown button to change the setting of the features of Qinematic in Posture Scan and Movement Lab.

Program setting Available Options Description
Allow anonymous Web access to a report via secret link Yes
Possibility for people to access the summary report though the Note online platform.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for users Mandatory
Rights for the instant group multifactor authentication for all the users within the organisation

Scan registy

Icon 4 would show the scan registry of the list of scans recorded by an organisation. The following table would explain meaning of header under the scan registry.

Headings Explanation
Captured on Date and time when the scan was captured.
Test Person The email/ identification of the person who did the scan.
Owner The ‘Organisational Unit’ that is responsible for the scan data.
Include Comments? Include any written feedback provided in Note or Movement Lab.
Installation Computer from which the scan was conducted and uploaded using downloaded Qinematic software.
Application Version The software version used to perform the scan.
Captured By The login ID for the Provider who conducted and uploaded the scan data.

Access summary report

Section 5 would allow scan searches to be conducted to identify the user ID in any scan library where the Provider has authorised access. Search scan will list all available scans for that ID in a Provider’s library/s. Open a scan to see the Summary Report.

Note summary report.png
Icon Explanation
5A Download files related to the scan: 3D video file (.qpdat) for Movement Lab, Summary report - measures, or full document, +/- annotations.
5B Print the measures from the Summary report
5C Send the report to an email, +/- comments
5D Remove any drawing from the report.

Icon 6 to change the language of the Note website.

Change the language

Section 7 to download Posture scan or Movemetn lab software

Download Posture Scan and Movement Lab