Infrastructure of Qinematic


Qinematic provides a service with a series of software (Posture Scan, Movement Lab), web platform (Note) and secure cloud storage to the Health Provider. The Health Provider in turn uses it to provide their clients, the Health seeker, advice about their health.

Each Health Provider would have an Organisational Unit with all the scans stored in a dedicated scan library, within the Qinematic cloud server in Holland. The cloud storage is based on the gold standard Microsoft Azure platform to store sensitive health data and to authenticate users internationally. Microsoft Azure is a subprocessor to Qinematic.

All raw measurement data from Xbox Kinect sensor within the Posture Scan system is encrypted and stored within the cloud storage. When accessing the report of the individual though the dedicated platforms of Movement Lab and Note the raw data is decrypted and the report is generated. Storing data on a  personal computer or sharing it with others via storage devices exposes the provider and the test person to risk of leaking the data, or having it stolen on a device. Only the Qinematic cloud library should be used for storing and retrieving scan files.

Access to scan data can be disabled at the request of an individual or the Organisation responsible for the scan. This will be done within a reasonable period of time following receipt of written instructions to Qinematic. Scan data that is in a qpdat format and stored in the library, may be erased at the termination of a subscription period. The Organisation or Provider should ensure they have exported the Summary report or Biomechanics PDFs if they care to keep a record of performance. Once a test person or a Provider has shared a report, Qinematic no longer has control nor responsibility for the report. Reports need to be issued by a Provider and Qinematic does not provide this service.