How do I update the software?

Providers are notified of a new update by an update bar at the top of the screen when the software is opening. Click on the notification to see the update details and to install the new update. Visit the update icons in the menu bar on a regular basis. Furthermore, with an existing update there is a popup window appearing when trying to close the software. The video instruction below shows the update process in Posture Scan and Movement Lab.

Qinematic is constantly improving services, and this means occasional updates.  As software installed on a computer, Posture Scan and Movement Lab are software that is installed on a computer, and this sometimes requires permission from the computer’s owner or administrator in order to perform the update. Qinematic takes responsibility for Qinematic software and services, but it is the responsibility of the user to maintain the security and and updates for a computer. Refer here for Windows Update problems.