Audio Stream Error


Click test speech recognition as soon as the English language pack and speech platform run time are downloaded. If the following error occurs, there has been some delay in the connection of the environment's audio to the Kinect sensor. Simply wait for some time before re-clicking on the test.

Posture scan application crashes

Reasons for red screen Solution
Calibration of the Kinect Xbox One® sensor is not completed. Wait for some time. Restart the program and the application should work normally.
Too many scans waiting in a queue to be uploaded to the cloud server. Improve internet connection. Wait for scan to upload. Continue scanning.
Issues with unstable internet connection. The server cannot work to send scan data to the point cloud. Try to reconnect the router for the internet and restart Posture Scan.
Problem with updating the Windows software and Windows interfering with Posture scan. Update Windows software(Windows 10, Windows 8)and relaunch Posture scan.