Embark on board Qinematic

The process to start your adventure of the dynamic posture scanning of your clients.


1. Choose a Service Layout

There are 3 different layouts to use the Qinematic service; the portable service, the fixed service or the semi-fixed service. The organisaiton would have to make the decision at the start according to their intended use of Qinematic. 


2. Choose Users of the service

Each user of Qinematic can be categorised as scanner, advisor and anaylsyt. The organisation has to make the decision of the number of the each user required to use the service. 


3. Apply for Qinematic software service

Upon choosing the intended use of Qienmatic, the layout required by the organisation and the number of users, contact Qinematic to purchase the software. 


4. Purchase Hardware

According to the layout of the service chosen, purchase the necessary hardware.


5. Setup Posture Scan Environment

The hardware and the testing environement needs to be organisaed accorginiang to a standard template to ensure sucessful use of product. 


6. Create a Note Account

Creating a note account is vital for using the software. Access to Note is provided by Qinematic or a registered Organisation’s administrator. Qinematic would advice users to setup their private account as soon as they get the welcome email.


7. Download Software

Go into the Web-portal, Note, and download Posture Scan and Movement lab. 


8. Scan a Person

Successful setup of hardware, creation of a Note account and download of software will allow the scan of an individual. Individuals have to be properly attired for the scan and the process of the scan would include 7 basic exercise. 


9. Visualise Scan Report

The scan would generate a simple measurement report, advanced mesurement tool and a 3D video of the person doing the scan. These tools are used to visualise the movement of the person and advise is provided by the Health provider.