The scan can’t be analysed when opening in Movement Lab

Error message after opening scan in Movement Lab.

Error message after opening scan in Movement Lab.

Software version 2.3.36 may have caused an ‘error analysing scan’ message (see image) for people who could not successfully perform scan tasks. This prevented the scan from being uploaded to the scan library. The scan was not lost. It is encrypted and still retrievable by the Administrator on the computer where the Posture Scan recording was performed.

The problems has been addressed in version 2.3.37 of Movement Lab and Posture Scan , released 2019-06-07) .

Qinematic support can help you to add the scans to your library, only once you have updated your software to v2.3.37. Please follow the steps in the shorts videos below.

It is essential that you use the same computer and Windows user profile with which the scan was recorded. Notify us of the problem at and wait for further instructions. You will be asked to send the saved files to Qinematic by secure transfer.

Update Qinematic Movement Lab and Qinematic Posture Scan.

Please note that software versions 2.3.36 or earlier will not solve the issue.

Retrieve scans from Movement Lab

Qinematic reserves the right to change the Instructions at any time.