The Biomechanics Report is a detailed document that shows tabulated measures derived from the skeletal tracking data. It contains illustrations, graphs and measures for quantitative analysis about performance.



Movement Lab

It can be only accessed multiple times on Movement Lab. Since access to Movement Lab is only to analyst within the organisation, to view the Feedback again, only these group of users can have access to Feedback multiple times. Navigation of Bio-mechanics report on Movement Lab:



Objective biomechanics measures using 3D co-ordinates for multiple body parts are displayed in tables and graphs. Kinematic data is useful for a detailed analysis of movement, balance and posture.

Page 1 - Summary of personal details and scan details

Page 2 - Postural alignment - frontal view

Page 3 - Postural alignment - side view

Page 4 - 2 leg stance - sway pattern, sway graph, weight distribution

Page 5 - 1 leg stance - sway pattern, sway graph, weight distribution

Page 6 - Sidebend - weight distribution, displacements, intersegmental movement graph

Page 7 - 2 leg squat - displacement, angles

Page 8 - 1 leg squat - displacement, angles