Employees at responsible companies like Dell in Stockholm benefit from the automated Qinematic scan. Movement, balance and posture data is used for education, motivation and individualised exercise prescription.

Qinematic was recognised as an attractive and innovative high tech company by the prestigious EIT Digital many years ago, and has been an active member of EIT Digital since 2014. We have presented at events internationally, and we have won several innovation awards.

In 2018, Qinematic participated in an EU funded multidisciplinary project co-ordinated by the oldest computer science institute in Sweden - Swedish Institute of Computer Science (now RI.SE). We explored and prototyped a digital service that could increase productivity and reduce the cost and personal suffering from sickness absence at work due to musculoskeletal problems. Partners from Sweden, Holland and Finland conducted workshops and prototyped ways to use Qinematic motion capture data for advanced analytics using machine learning, as well as visualisation of data in a web application that would be motivating and helpful for exercise prescription. Qinematic have continued to research and develop machine learning and visualisation so that health service providers and health seekers can quickly and easily evaluate function and adhere to corrective exercise plans.

Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common reason for sickness absence and disability in working populations, costing the EU billions in medical costs and lost productivity, not to mention problems with employee morale, retention and mental health. Many common musculoskeletal problems, such as back and neck pain, can be avoided with early intervention and prevention. Early detection through objective and subjective screening, along with motivational health promotion benefits individuals, employers, health workers and funding agencies. Qinematic have been working on unique algorithms and a unique user interface during 2019, and will release the service internationally in 2020.  Prevention is better than cure - for everyone!

We invite EU companies with 100+ employees and an inhouse Health Provider to participate in beta testing of our posture scan service during late 2019. Please contact us at