Upon completion of the Posture Scan, the raw data is processed and is available in different formats for the access of the user. Each format has a defined use to aid the explanation of the data to Health Seekers and clear qualitative data for the Health Providers. The Animated Feedback and Summary report is ready for one time immediate inspection on posture scan. All formats are available within Movement Lab for multiple access. Note would only have summary report.


3D video

The 3D video allows providers with an ‘Analyst’ subscription to visualize and analyze the movements of the person during different exercises.


Animated Feedback

A slideshow of simplified animated data for the test person to see their performance and understand it using 3D video alongside conventional 2D illustrations. 


Summary Report

Easy to understand PDF report of key findings and some basic explanations for the reader. It can be exported and saved as a diary entry or sent to a third party.


Biomechanics report

Report with tabulated and detailed measures, graphs and key personal data.  It is used by HEalth providers for deeper and useful measurement data.


Point Data

Cleaned data points acquired by the Kinect sensor. It is used by research bodies to independently plot and analyse the data.


To go through the process of the scan proceedure again.