After a scan

Retrieve shoes, items of clothing and valuables

Settings in Posture Scan will determine if the person has access to the following options after the scans

  • Send PDF Summary report by email

  • Send link to Summary report by email

  • Print Summary report

  • Share Summary report by email

  • Answer surveys e.g. MADRS mood survey

  • End scan immediately (back to start screen)

  • Open the scan results in Movement Lab directly from Posture Scan (no need for the scan data to go to the scan library first)

People should agree to sending reports and comments by email.


Reporting is immediate.

Scans will be sent directly to the secure scan library, and removed from the local PC. This is an important security feature.

Feedback time depends on the person giving the feedback, or the time that the person spends listening to the educational voice tracks.


Qinematic reserves the right to change the Instructions at any time