Double check

  • There is an assistant nearby to offer physical or technical assistance when needed.

  • The computer is plugged into a power supply and not just running on battery.

  • Check the connections for the sensor.

  • Calibrate the Kinect Xbox One® sensor and the floor.

  • Proper position of the sensor - height from the floor, tilt and angle.

  • Stable internet connection for login and upload of scans.

  • Unique and memorable PID entered.

  • Suitable clothing for the scan.

  • Controlled environment without much traffic or excessive noise.



After entering personal details, the exercises take approximately six minutes to perform. Variations that result in longer time are:

  • Movements need to be repeated

  • Re-tests are performed using ‘Exercise instruction video’

  • Answering surveys (eg. mood survey) after the scan and/or receiving feedback


1. Start Posture Scan

Click on the Qinematic Posture Scan icon on the desktop to open the software.

Screenshot (591).png

2. Choose language

Screenshot (601).png

3. Get consent

Make sure people reads the simple text, so they know thier rights.

Screenshot (600).png

4. Answer some questions

Some basic characteristics about the person

Screenshot (598).png

5. Prepare clothing

Shoes off, tight clothing, hair puller back in bun.

Screenshot (599).png

6. Safety check

People decide if they can safely perform the tasks.

Screenshot (593).png

7. Clothing check

To double check if the scan will be good enough.

Screenshot (597).png

8. Level of instruction

If a person has done a scan before, then they can take the express scan without video instructions.

Screenshot (592).png

9. Video instructions begin

People should practice with the instructional videos.

Screenshot (595).png

10. If something strange happens the red screen will appear.

Send support an email by pasting the text in an email. That way we can improve the service faster.

Screenshot (594).png

11. Done

Once the scan is complete, the person can approach the screen to view results.

Screenshot (602).png

12. Animated feedback

Feedback and reports will show up at the end of a scan if they are activated in Settings.

Skärmbild (493).png

13. System crash window

If the software stops, then a notification and support request will appear. Please send to us.


Qinematic reserves the right to change the Instructions at any time